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ArtWork for your web site

Outstanding artwork is much more critical to the success of your web site than you would suspect. Artwork engages your web site's visitors, providing focal points that help direct them throughout the site's contents. Artwork also makes your web site more dynamic, improves the navigation, livens up the monotony of its pages, and helps emphasize the points you are trying to make.

How do you avoid having visitors bounce from your web site, leaving it for another site after viewing just one or two of your site pages? How do you improve the quality of a visitor's site experience, making that visitor want to come back or even refer your site to other users?

As you already know, in order to succeed in the online world, you need to drive quality traffic to your web site. You also need to motivate your visitors to not only buy today, but to come back and buy tomorrow. If you wish to increase your web site conversion rate and improve customer loyalty, you will need to create a well-designed site that provides an easy and uniform user experience.

When designing a web site, you need to consider the following two elements: the technical and look-and-feel. Technical components are mostly "behind the scene". Some examples of these components are page scripting and coding, database structure, hosting configuration, and the information architecture - the way in which the information is structured on the site.
Look and feel is the other major element of a web site, and is also the element that a web site visitor will first see and remember.

While both the technical components and the look and feel of a web site are crucial to its success, technical elements remain largely unseen by visitors. For that reason, it is actually the look and feel of a web site that has a bigger impact on user visits, repeat visits, and conversions. After all, visitors do not know what coding script is listed on a web page- but they do click on web site image buttons, view graphics, and watch rich media elements such as videos and web casts.

It is a real challenge to create a look and feel for a web site that is impressive, attractive, and user-friendly all at the same time. To accomplish such a task, you need excellent art work. While the typical look and feel and navigational components of a web site are provided by such design elements as the company logo and top banner it also includes the layout, fonts, colors, buttons, graphics, images, and CSS effects. These elements need to be designed well so that they all work in harmony across the entire site.

Artwork includes more than just a well-designed company logo. While the company logo is one of the most important and featured graphical elements of your company's web site, there are also other elements that should be considered. Your site's top banner, footer, background, and product symbols all make up the required artwork of a professional web site. Ad banners, product displays, and even animations are also commonly used by commercial web sites. All of these graphics types make up the base of a visually attractive and engaging web site.

You may choose to perform your own graphic design work and create your company's logo, banners, and skin from "scratch". However, such work is often expensive and time-consuming, especially if you do not perform it on a daily basis. myEcommerce has both the know-how and the expertise to help you with artwork creation on your site. Our ArtWork Team services include logo, banner, and skin design.

LOGO Design

Your business logo is an essential part of your company's image. It appears on almost all your printed and digital materials and is probably the most prominent identity item of your business. This is why it is important to invest in a professional design for your Logo.

myEcommerce provides a choice of 3 different types of logos: Illustrative, iconic, and Text.

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Banner Design

There are 2 types of banners: the site banner that is used for web site headers, and the Ad banner that is used for Internet marketing campaigns. Banner design is not only about graphic creation, but also about the message and the usability of the banner. It is important that the banner be designed in harmony with the rest of the site, and that it carries the right message to the site's visitors.

myEcommerce offers 4 different banner design styles: static, GIF animated, Flash animated, and site header.
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Skin design

The skin is the "clothing" of the web site. It is the web site's visual interface, and is also known as the site's "look-and-feel". It includes not only certain visual aspects, such as graphics and colors, but also all the navigational elements.
The site's skin is important because it is the first thing the visitors see and use to navigate through the site. If the skin looks unprofessional or is difficult to use, the site may generate numerous bounced visitors (i.e., visitors that leave the site after visiting the second or even the first page).

The skin reflects on the entire web site's "image"; if the skin is unprofessional- looking or uses the wrong colors, then the web site's visitors may assume that the business cannot afford quality graphic design.

myEcommerce offers 3 different types of skin/Web design:

1.Tailoring one of our existing skins and integrating its specifics so that it relates to your business's products and services
2.Integrating an existing site design that is already displayed on your web site
3.Designing and building a new skin entirely from "scratch".

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Art Work

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